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Taking data protection seriously

Many companies make poor use of the space they have available by hoarding hardware and computer equipment they no longer use. Why do they do this? In most cases, it's because they fear for the security of the data held on these machines.

Such fears are far from unfounded, since any violations of the Data Protection Act 1998 can harm not only a business' finances, but also its reputation. Crucially, the Act includes "accidental loss or destruction of personal data", which leaves many companies unsure of how they should delete such data, if indeed they should at all.

At Ethical IT Recycling, we offer a secure and complete disposal process that will not only free up resources you would otherwise spend deleting data, but also ensure that you are fully in line with data protection legislation. Our secure computer recycling processes have helped numerous IT firms of getting rid of their business data before the recycling process, making sure that they are not available for usage by other parties.

Getting data deleted for good

It might not sound like deleting data is an arduous task, but bear in mind that it can be recovered unless one of the following techniques is used:

  • Physically destroying the hard disk; we offer secure hard drive destruction services on site
  • Replacing all data on the drive with random characters and resetting all file sizes to zero

We use both of these methods at Ethical IT recycling, depending on the circumstance. Our on site hard drive destruction methods help us to make sure that all your data is completely destroyed before recycling. We are thorough too, following U.S. Military recommendations that data should be overwritten three or more times for maximum security.

In fact, with our cutting edge software, we can overwrite drives as many as 99 times. Should this be impossible (it can be problematic with drives of below 3GB), we will make sure the drive is permanently destroyed.

Only equipment with no remaining reference to your company will be resold. Should there be any security markings that cannot be removed, the equipment will be securely and ethically disposed of.

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