Katie Price, Lauren Goodger and Georgia Harrison Instagram posts banned
Advertising watchdog bans weight loss posts by Katie Price, Lauren Goodger and Georgia Harrison.
UK cyber-centre targets payment card fraud
Banks are being told which payment cards to watch by government cyber-experts targeting online thieves.
Cloudflare embroiled in child abuse row
Campaigners accuse the company of making it harder to restrict abusive images.
'Sensitive US Army data 'exposed by online leak'
Hotel room numbers, phone numbers and names were left exposed on an unencrypted server, researchers say.
TikTok used by Islamic State to spread propaganda videos
Twenty four accounts are banned by TikTok for breaching the app's policies.
Airbnb probed by UK tax authorities
The home rental site has warned a tax inquiry by HM Revenue & Customs could lead to litigation.
WeWork accepts multi-billion-dollar Softbank rescue deal
The cash-strapped office rental firm has accepted a bailout deal from Japanese backer Softbank.
Plans for £26m tech institute at Bletchley Park
The institute at the codebreaking site would be home to 1,000 students, plans reveal.
Facebook reveals preparations for UK election
The tech giant has set out extra measures for fighting the spread of disinformation.
China has more 'unicorn' start-ups than the US
The country now has the world's highest number of start-up companies worth more than $1bn.
'I lost £4,000 in a hand grenade hacker scam'
Indian police shut two call centres and arrest seven people suspected of involvement in the scam.
Rover-drone combo hope to spot and destroy landmines
The system could eventually replace the need for humans to demine areas.
Amy Webb: Three things women need to know for the year 2030
Amy Webb is a renowned futurist - she looks back at the past and scours data to figure out what might be round the corner.
The founder of an over-50s dating app shares her secrets
The founder of a dating app for people over fifty shares her business advice with the BBC.
'I lost £4,000 in a call centre scam'
Doug Varey was offered security software which turned out to be a frightening and costly scam.
Are electric cars as 'green' as you think?
The lithium powering electric vehicles is found deep beneath the salt flats of Argentina
Meet the student who has created African emojis
Emoji obsessed? Meet O’Plerou Grebet, who has made over 350 emojis with African cultural references.
The race to build a flying electric taxi
More than a hundred companies are working on electric aircraft designed to zip in and out of cities.
Xiaomi: The Chinese brand dominating India's smartphone market
Tech giant Xiaomi has muscled its way to the top of India's smartphone market in just a few short years.
Ghost nets: Tackling a silent killer of the seas
Ghost nets kill huge numbers of marine animals every year, but new tech might help prevent that.
Google chief: I'd disclose smart speakers before guests enter my home
Rick Osterloh suggests house guests have the right to know smart speakers are in use before entering.
India's on a digital sprint that is leaving millions behind
For every urban Indian who has access to the internet, there is at least one rural Indian who does not.

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