Tomorrow's cities: Google's Toronto city built 'from the internet up'
A disused waterfront in Toronto is being transformed by a firm owned by Google's parent company.
Busking goes cashless with 'a world first' for London
London introduces a contactless payment scheme for buskers that allows tap-to-pay donations.
Google and Facebook accused of breaking GDPR laws
Complaints against the web giants are filed on the first day of the EU's new data protection law.
YouTube star John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain dies aged 33
Game critic John Bain - known as TotalBiscuit and the Cynical Brit - dies of cancer.
Call of Duty Kansas 'swatting' death: Two more charged
A man renting a gamer's home was shot dead by police responding to a hoax call.
GDPR: US news sites unavailable to EU users under new rules
The LA Times is among many sites blocked to European users over new EU rules on using personal data.
RuneScape Classic: Game to shut down after 17 years
The fantasy game will be taken offline due to outdated software and an increasing number of bugs.
Netflix eclipses Disney in market milestone
The online streaming giant briefly becomes the world's most valuable media company, worth more than $150bn.
Apple awarded $539m in US patent case against Samsung
Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple damages in a long-running dispute between the tech firms.
Tech firms battle with GDPR privacy rules
EU residents are being blocked from several services and in some cases having their accounts wiped.
Google 'stole my videos', says film-maker Philip Bloom
Film-maker claims his footage has been misused, after an internal Google video leaks online.
Uber car 'had six seconds to respond' in fatal crash
The self-driving car spotted a woman crossing the road six seconds before killing her, a report says.
FBI seeks to thwart cyber-attack on Ukraine
Malware that could 'kill' home routers has been thwarted by the FBI's action against the malicious site.
Uber to open Paris lab for flying taxis
Ride-hailing firm wants to create a sky-based taxi service and is investing in France to make it happen.
Steam store school-shooting game 'appalling'
An anti-gun violence charity calls for a school-shooting video game to be dropped from Steam.
Trump barred from blocking Twitter users by judge
A judge rules that blocking access to the president's tweets violates free speech.
Uber ends Arizona driverless car programme
Uber pulls out of the state two months after a fatal accident involving one of its autonomous cars.
Tesla Autopilot: Name deceptive, claim groups
Two consumer rights group claim the marketing for the driving assistant technology is deceptive and misleading.
BMW cars found to contain more than a dozen flaws
China-based researchers are working with the carmaker to patch the security problems.
FBI admits over-counting locked iPhones and other mobiles
The use of numerous databases resulted in individual iPhones being erroneously counted multiple times.
UK military fears robots learning war from video games
Future cyber-attacks could come from robots trained on video games, the Ministry of Defence warns.
Brexit: Technology-based customs system 'could cost £20bn'
The technology-based system could cost more than the UK contributes as an EU member, MPs are told.
Sony says PlayStation 4 is in 'final phase' of its life cycle
The announcement is being seen as a sign that a new, more powerful console is on the way.
Facebook wants your naked photos to stop revenge porn
The social network is extending a trial to the UK which hopes to block intimate photos before they appear online.
Uber gives drivers sick pay and parental leave
Taxi app Uber is giving European drivers access to medical cover, sick pay and parental leave.
Zuckerberg's European Parliament testimony criticised
The Facebook founder faces questions from European lawmakers over the data scandal and fake news.
Elon Musk to fix Tesla 'braking flaw'
Flaws pointed out in a review of Tesla's Model 3 have prompted Elon Musk to make changes.
Hammond to pledge superfast broadband for most homes
The Chancellor pledges full-fibre connections for most homes and businesses by 2025.
Google search reveals names of rape victims
Search engine promises to remove such sensitive content if people alert them to it.
Former Uber engineer sues for sexual harassment
A former Uber engineer is suing the firm for sexual harassment and discrimination.
$100m prize fund offered for Fortnite game play
Epic Games has announced it will be putting up a $100m prize fund for first year of competitive play.
Xbox Adaptive Controller a 'first' for disabled gamers
Newsbeat's been given exclusive access to Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller, a 'first' for disabled gamers.
Smart SoPhy socks send data to your physiotherapist
The socks have three sensors reading weight distribution, movement and orientation of the foot.
Can AI pick the perfect fantasy football team?
Squadguru uses algorithms to pick a fantasy football team.
LG's G7 phone shuns separate speakers
The firm says there is no need to use external speakers with its new flagship handset.
Dota 2: UK major tournament to 'inspire' fans
Organisers say they hope hosting the event in Birmingham will drive more UK players to compete.
I wish mum's phone was never invented
A teacher's Facebook post about inventions her pupils wish had not been created is making parents stop and think.
GDPR quiz
Test your knowledge of how the EU's data protection law could affect you.
What is GDPR?
A new EU law that changes how companies use our personal information kicks in on 25 May.
Privacy shake-up looms
If you are fed up of "stay on our mailing list" emails, spare a thought for those having to send them.
Strawb bots
Strawberry producers say labour shortages are driving them to find robotic fruit pickers instead.
Fatal confusion?
Drivers may be confusing autonomous cars with driver assistance technology, with sometimes fatal consequences.
Expensive remittances
New apps are bringing a greater range of services and features to the vital flows of money to families around the world
Synth suspense
Gemma Chan and Emily Berrington on the return of Channel 4's Humans.
The robot that performs like an acrobat and other news
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
The autonomous car that can drive where others cannot
Researchers at MIT CSAIL have developed an autonomous car that can drive on unpaved or unmarked roads.
Self-driving pods for the Lake District and other news
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
Gamers mine cryptocurrency for charity
Gamers have been helping Unicef raise funds for Syria by mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency.
Drones deliver blood and medical supplies in Rwanda
Doctors in Rwanda are able to order blood supplies by text and then have them delivered by drone.
The strawberry-picking robots coming to a farm near you
Strawberry producers say they can't find enough humans to pick their fruit, so are robots the answer?
Why is there a row about Galileo?
Britain may be denied full access to the EU's Galileo satellite navigation system on security grounds after Brexit.
The gamers you can pay to help you win at Fortnite
Meet the pro gamers starting a micro-industry by tutoring new players in the popular online game.
How drones could help save lives at sea
The RNLI and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency trial uses drones to spot humans in distress.
Van Gogh: Could this be a newly discovered painting?
X-ray and traditional methods suggest the painting is genuine, but final verification is pending.
The apps designed to help mental health
New apps and platforms are seen as a way to reach younger people with mental health conditions.

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